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12 Ideas To Reuse Your Old Cd Holders

A lot of Rich information can be found on the topic “Reuse old cd holders” on several forums and by know you may have a fair idea about how to reuse old cd holders? It is quite possible that by now you may have started to make your own decorative items through CD holders. In this article we are bringing to you something different and by something different we mean that we are going to share with you another item related to CD’s and tell you how it also can be used for decorative purposes. The name of these items is a CD case which is usually sued for the preservation of CD’s. Some ideas related to CD cases are as follows:

  • Through effective utilization of CD case you can easily develop a Jewel case planter for yourself. There are several ideas related to which you can easily find on the internet.
  • A nice desk organizer can also be very easily developed through combination of CD cases. Such a desk organizer is always eye catching and creates a favorable image in the mind of the viewer.
  • Developing a CD clock is not that difficult. It requires little creativity and minimum amount of effort. Such a clock certainly looks nice no matter where it is placed
  • You can also develop a makeup Palette through your CD case in fact such a Palette sometimes look more attractive than the original ones

These were some of the most effective ideas related the Cd cases. There is a lot more which can be written on the topic as there are various types of CD cases as well and each case type can be utilized in a different decorative setting altogether. We hope that the article will be helpful for you.

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