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Rain Chains: Some Easy And Practical Diy Ideas!

If you are looking for an alternative for Downspout then perhaps the best option for you is Rain Chains. Though rain chains are utilized all over the world however the place where it is seen mostly is Japan. The purpose behind the usage of rain chains is more related to beauty and decoration. Rain Chains are composed of metal cups which are aligned in a series having holes in the bottom. Rain chains can be very easily purchased from the market as well however it can be developed manually by a person on his/her own as well. Some of the DIY rain chains which can be applied pretty easily are as follows:

  • You can use the rain chain in combination with the basin. The basin can be elaborated as per the liking. A normal and simple rain chain can be utilized for this idea
  • The rain chains can also be used in a combination with plant pots which are small in size. This idea is very adorable and is worthy of application
  • Surplus copper wire along with tubing can also be utilized for decorative purposes along with a rain chain
  • If you want to enhance the beauty then in such a case you can add stones of polished nature along with your rain chain

These were some of the basic DIY rain chains (ideas) which you can apply. Apart from these stated ideas you can also apply and find some other ideas as well from various forums available to at your disposal. With internet nowadays things have become vary easier and a single click can reveal ideas related to DIY rain chains. We believe that this article will help all those people who are interested in the implementation of ideas related to DIY rain chains.

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