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12 Extraordinary Diy Plant Stands

Plant stands are very critical as far as decoration is concerned, people do observe the plant stand and it has a considerable impact on their mind set. There are various plant stands which you can find from your local market at different prices. However to add uniqueness the best option for you is to go for DIY plant stands. Yes you can develop your plant stands as well however it requires some creativity and hard work on your part. Nowadays thank fully we have the internet through which we can get countless ideas related to DIY plant stands however the issue is that not all of these ideas are very easy for a layman like you. For a layman like you the below mentioned DIY plant stands ideas are more suitable for you.

  • If you have a picture window then you can prepare a DIY plant stand which is both long and low. This plant stand is ideal to be placed on the picture window’s front
  • You can go for a DIY bungalow plant stand if you want to place several plants
  • A plant stand which consists of four different levels and which is low wooded is ideal for you in the case where you want to place all plants in the sunlight
  • The DIY idea which is perfect as far as growth of vegetables is considered is a plant stand with a frame
  • If you want to develop a plant stand for yourself which has a modern look then a little wooden plant stand is the perfect choice for you

As a person who is new to this concept, we believe that the above mentioned points will be very useful for you. We hope that you would not find any complication in the application of the stated ideas.

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19 Diy Hanging Shelves Ideas For Creative Home Owners

The fashion of hanging shelves has gain a lot of acceptance in the market and in almost all the countries of the world you will find the usage of hanging shelves. The reason behind its wide usage is perhaps the uniqueness which it brings and also the extra value which it creates in your room. There are many popular furniture brands that provide hanging shelves nowadays moreover people are also going for the option of DIY hanging shelves as well due to one reason or another. The DIY hanging shelves give the people option of customization which serves as an added advantage. No matter whether you utilize normal hanging shelves or DIY hanging shelves, the overall advantages remains the same and these advances are as follows:

  • The best thing about hanging shelves is that they can really safe a lot of space for you. Especially if you have a small room, then space savior is a blessing for you.
  • The installing process of the hanging shelves is very easy and simple. Moreover these shelves are very versatile as well.
  • The hanging shelves are considered the best as far as display is concerned. Though the primary usage of shelves is that of storage however in the case of hanging shelves the story is very different. People utilize these shelves for the sole purpose of placing decorative items in it.
  • The hanging shelves are a great medium for better organization as these shelves consist of extra compartments as well which can be used in case the normal space gets filled. In DIY hanging shelves you can create the compartments as per your choice.

Do not get confused whether you should go for DIY hanging shelves or readymade hanging shelves, as the basic pros are the same.

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How To Create Your Own Dry Creek Beds For Your Gardens

The ideas related to DIY creek beds can be easily searched out by you through the internet. However a common problem which people face is that sometimes they get good ideas however when they practically try to apply such ideas they get demotivated as some of these ideas are simply not feasible for common people. As a layman it may be very difficult for you to find out which idea is suitable for you or not. Well in this article we will make things very easy for you as in this short discourse with you we will share with you some of the most simple and easy to apply steps related to DIY creek beds. The steps are more related to dry creek beds, the steps are as follows:

  • The first thing which needs to be done by you is to study the features related to natural water. Along with natural water you also need to study water gardens. The studying process will become very easy for you if your residence is near mountains and lakes. Take a camera and start making your research
  • The second thing which is highly important for you is shaping. Design a proper and suitable shape for yourself. The lay of the land is basis for your authentic shaping
  • Plan your creek and by planning we mean that you have to determine how big will be your creek and how much water you want to add in it?
  • Stones play an important role as far as beauty and presentation of your creek is concerned, so try to find the best stones for yourself
  • It is better if you use stones of multiple sizes
  • Try to find some tree roots and apply them
  • The bank of creek bed must be planted

For DIY creek beds you need to follow the mentioned steps

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12 Do It Yourself Cactus Planter Ideas

Cactus is a very unique plant though it is mostly found in deserts however nowadays it is widely used as a decorative item as well. Cactus has various types with some plants very big and many others as small. Whenever you plan to use cactus for decorative purpose it is highly essential that you have attractive planters at your disposal as well. In this particular article we will be listing some DIY cactus planters for you which you can easily develop on your own without much of an effort. We would not be giving any great details here; rather we will be just naming the DIY cactus planters here. The DIY cactus planter ideas are listed as follows:

  • The first DIY cactus planter in our list is termed as a fox planter
  • You can also develop a geometric planter for yourself, it really looks wonderful and unique
  • If you really want to add exclusivity, then a skull planter will surely work for you
  • You can take a pot and hand paint it yourself, this hand painted planter will surely work as a decorative item
  • Clay cat planter can also be prepared by you, though it will require some time and effort from your side
  • Concrete planters are not a bad option at all
  • If you have boxcar planter at your disposal then do utilize it. It will cover some space but will look adorable

The ideas related to DIY cactus planters are plenty and this list can be huge. However we believe the above stated ideas will proof helpful for you. You can also find more ideas through magazines and social media pages as well. We hope that this article will serve as your first step towards cactus plantation.

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Television And Its Variety Of Uses!

A television was one of the most cutting edge technology produced in the last century and there is no need to list the various benefits which our world is getting through it. Today there are many well know television brands which are providing televisions of different qualities, sizes and features. Today this industry has expanded a lot and there is no doubt about it. However we only think one dimensional and when television sets gets damaged or if it becomes dysfunctional we simply through it away. The purpose of this article is to share with our readers some of the wonderful applications of your damaged or dysfunctional television. Some of the uses of Repurposed old TVs are as follows:

  • You can utilize your old televisions and make them the sleeping place for your pets such as dogs and cats
  • You can remove the screen of your television and place your books in it. This will surely make a unique book shelf
  • Through little creativity you can also develop a nice aquarium in your television set as well. though application of this concept will require some effort from your side
  • If you have old television of 1980’s then you can use this television and make a chair out of it.

The ideas which have been mentioned above related to Repurposed old TVs may sound strange to you. Well there is a reason behind it as you have never heard such a strange thing before. The ideas which we have mentioned above related to Repurposed old TVs are not unique and on the internet you will find practical application of these ideas in abundance. You will really enjoy the application of these ideas and it will surely serve as a fun activity for you.