Discussing Repurposed bicycle ideas in a single article is not easy and in fact it is impossible. The reason behind this phenomenon is that when we say Repurposed bicycle ideas we actually mean then entire bicycle. A bicycle has several parts like handle and wheels which themselves have variety of usages hence an entire bicycle certainly cannot be discussed. However the Repurposed bicycle ideas which we will discuss in this particular article are related to the bicycle wheels. Some of the ways through which you can repurpose your bicycle wheels are discussed in the points below
You can make a nice metal wreath through your bicycle wheel and place it in your backyard. Of course soda cans will also be utilized in this regard

  • A chalk board calendar can also be very easily developed through a bicycle wheel. You can certainly keep a track of your daily activities through this calendar
  • You can paint different bicycle wheels with different colors and place them on your well. This will make a nice wall hanging for sure.
  • If you want to hang your pots and other kitchen items then a bicycle wheel can also be utilized as a rack in this regard
  • A garden spinner can also be developed through effective utilization of bicycle wheel
  • You can create a nice bottle display through your bicycle wheel, such a display serves as a decorative item in your garden

If you are about to throw away your bicycle wheel for any reason then do not do so as the above stated Repurposed bicycle ideas must have given you an insight that how useful your wheel can be. Similar is the case with other bicycle parts as well as they can be utilized as well in several creative ways.