16 Driftwood Candle Holder Styles And Items Required!

16 Driftwood Candle Holder Styles And Items Required!

There are a variety of uses associated with Driftwood candle holder and on the internet you can find loads of information related to Driftwood candle holder. You can develop your own Driftwood candle holder as well however that requires some time and effort from your side. There are basically three styles of Driftwood candle holder which you can make on your own. In this article we will share the items which you will require for all the three styles. The article is a must read for all those individuals who are fond of DIY activities and who are interested in Driftwood candle holder.

The items which you require for the first style are as follows

  • You need to get some neat and clean driftwood pieces for yourself, the pieces should be large enough to be fitted along with your glass container
  • An epoxy glue of multipurpose nature is very important to get
  • You also need a candle which is glass contained
  • It is better if you can get twine though this is optional

For the second style you need the following items

  • As is the case in the first style, you need some driftwood
  • You need to avail the glass votive holders and equip them with candles or you can also utilize the tin as well which is equipped with tea lights
  • Drill is necessary
  • A hole saw worth 44 mm is also required

For the third style the following items are required by you

  • You need a driftwood which is thick
  • Drill is necessary
  • A hole saw worth 44 mm
  • A glass votive holder is also required

Depending upon the style which you choose, you need to avail the mentioned items at all cost.