12 Repurposed Piano Projects And Ideas

12 Repurposed Piano Projects And Ideas

When you are living in a home then there are many things that need to be replaced over time. If you like playing music then you might own a piano, however these products have a limited life and become useless over time. When you face such a time when you have to discard your old piano then think of the various things that you can do with old pianos. You can repurpose old pianos in many different ways and all of those ideas are great. Here you will find some ideas to repurpose old pianos.

Office Use
One great way to repurpose old pianos is to use it in your office. This is because old pianos make great desks, these pianos have a lot of space on them and y can easily place a full-size computer along with other peripherals on it. Most old pianos have a vintage theme to it and that is why these make great office furniture.

Garden Planter
Old pianos make the perfect garden planters and they will certainly give your garden a very different yet beautiful look. All you need to do is empty out the piano and make space for some beautiful plants. After this just add soil and place your plants of desire and you will not be disappointed with what you have.

In The Garage To Hold Tools
If you are looking for some place to keep all of your tools in your garage, then you can use that old piano that you have. These old pianos have a lot of space that is why you can store many tools on it.

These were some ways with which you can easily repurpose old pianos. These ideas are very effective and in some conditions they can provide a lot of beauty to your home.