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12 Projects For Vintage Linens Repurposed

You usually use the vintage linens for very special purposes, but once they get old then you either choose to throw them away or if you are creative then you can use it in different ways. Well seldom people know that there are many ways to repurpose vintage linens however, to practically apply these ways to reuse vintage linens, you have to be a person who has a creative mind. If you are a person who is not creative enough but is passionate about creating things using vintage linens then you will need every bit of handy information that you can find. Here you will find some ways with which you can repurpose vintage linens.

Vintage Handkerchief Valance
If you have a few vintage linen handkerchiefs of the same size then you can use it in quite a few ways. One of the greatest ways to reuse vintage linens is to use them as a valance. For this all you need to do is weave or sew the handkerchiefs together and as a result you will have a beautiful valance.

Patched Curtain
Another way to use pieces of vintage linens is to sew all the pieces together in such a way that the final product that you have is a patched curtain. Such a curtain can be used in many different places but it will look exceptionally good in a bathroom.

These were a few ways with which everyone can repurpose vintage linens. Not everyone have vintage linens in their homes as they are quite special, but if you do then you should repurpose them in the above mentioned methods. If you are about to throw out some worn out vintage linens, then think twice as you can find many different ways to reuse these special pieces of cloth.

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