Cactus is a very unique plant though it is mostly found in deserts however nowadays it is widely used as a decorative item as well. Cactus has various types with some plants very big and many others as small. Whenever you plan to use cactus for decorative purpose it is highly essential that you have attractive planters at your disposal as well. In this particular article we will be listing some DIY cactus planters for you which you can easily develop on your own without much of an effort. We would not be giving any great details here; rather we will be just naming the DIY cactus planters here. The DIY cactus planter ideas are listed as follows:

  • The first DIY cactus planter in our list is termed as a fox planter
  • You can also develop a geometric planter for yourself, it really looks wonderful and unique
  • If you really want to add exclusivity, then a skull planter will surely work for you
  • You can take a pot and hand paint it yourself, this hand painted planter will surely work as a decorative item
  • Clay cat planter can also be prepared by you, though it will require some time and effort from your side
  • Concrete planters are not a bad option at all
  • If you have boxcar planter at your disposal then do utilize it. It will cover some space but will look adorable

The ideas related to DIY cactus planters are plenty and this list can be huge. However we believe the above stated ideas will proof helpful for you. You can also find more ideas through magazines and social media pages as well. We hope that this article will serve as your first step towards cactus plantation.